Big Picture Group Japan is a specialist technology exporter based in Osaka Japan, 
In the world of Digital Dye-sublimation the wider industry focus has been on servicing the massive textile transfer market, however in recent years Japanese manufactures have created a entirely new market opportunity by inventing new proprietary substrate and transfer technology that has solved the issues that until now have kept the vibrant and truly eco-friendly world of Dye-sub out of the durable goods and signage market, now Big Picture Group has combined the very best Japan has to offer and exclusively exports the ‘technology package’ to discerning clients all over the world.
 Working with the key manufactures to develop the technologies for over the last decade Big Picture Group now provides any easy path for foreign companies to enjoy the unmatched quality that only Japanese dye-sublimation offers. 
To discover a new world of graphic opportunities with little or no competition its as simple as contacting Big Picture Group Japan, find out why some of the worlds largest corporations are now turning to this exciting new segment of the digital printing industry to satisfy their demands for quality, durability and new innovative applications.  


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